Infections after Bone Marrow Transplantation: Review Article


  • Hashem Bark Awadh Abood Consultant general surgery, king Fahad Hospital, Albaha, KSA.
  • Hayat Mohammed A Alharbi University of Tabuk, KSA.
  • Saeed Abdulaziz A Alghamdi King Abdullah hospital, KSA.
  • Alwaleed Abdullah S Alshahrani King Abdullah hospital, KSA.
  • Abdulrahman Ahmed M Asiri Muhayl National Hospital, KSA.
  • Sohaila khalid A Bedaiwi King Abdullah Medical City in Holy Capital, Makkah, KSA.
  • Nawaf Ibrahim A Al Mani University of Bisha, KSA.
  • Abeer Abdullah M Khubrani Alamal Pharmacy, KSA.
  • Shahd Ali O Hakami Alraghi Pharmacy, KSA.
  • Hassan Amer A Alsaluli King Abdullah hospital, KSA.
  • Duha Atiah Mahnashi University jazan, KSA.
  • Ibrahim Issa I Alissa University of Qassim, KSA.



Bone marrow, stem cell transplantation, irritable bowel syndrome, Infections.


Background: Bone marrow and stem cell transplantation have become conventional therapy, with the potential to cure a variety of hematologic malignancies and immunologic diseases. Severe infection is still a potentially fatal complication following transplantation, contributes significantly to morbidity, and may demand ICU admission.

Objectives:The present study aims to summarize current evidence on the prevalence, risk factors, and management approaches of infections after bone marrow transplantation.

Methodology: For article selection, the PubMed database and EBSCO Information Services were used. All relevant articles relevant to our topic and other articles were used in our review. Other articles that were not related to this field were excluded. The data was extracted in a specific format that was reviewed by the group members.

Conclusion: the result of the 12 studies included, proves the high risk of infections after bone marrow transplantation and its high mortality effect. Post transplantation patient's immune system is vulnerable, opportunistic infections occur such as viruses and fungi. The highest prevalence recorded in Adenovirus infections reaching 29% of patients throat swaps, urine, and stool samples come positive affirming the diagnosis.




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